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Query on AIR

Level 3

Hello All - i would like know to few details on the AIR , when i go through the below Technote i got this doubt.



Question :

Based on the below lines , my master server timings should be in sync or it can run on it own timframe.

If i keep different timezones will there be any issues ?

Synchronize the clocks of the master servers in the source and the target domains so that the master server in the target domain can import the images as soon as they are ready. The master server in the target domain cannot import an image until the image creation time is reached. Time zone differences are not a factor because the images use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).




Level 5

As long as both of your master servers are time synced with an external source, there will not be an issue because the time is based on UTC. For example, syncing your servers with an NTP server.