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Question About Vault Selected Images

Level 6
Hello Guys

I need to know the process about How the Vault Job select the images before start the eject process.

Example: I have my Daily Vault Job and eject all the daily duplicated images on the morning. But If I run the Daily Vault Job and a Monthly Vault Job, we dont have any images on the monthly vault job.

Al the images going into the Daily Vault Job.

How Can I set the same images create on my daily backups jobs going to two differents vault?

Thanks for help

Level 6
Please People Any Help about this issue?
I use Netbackup 6.5. Thanks

Level 6
Sounds like you should change to Storage LifeCycle Policies. Since I upgraded to 6.5.3  I no longer use Vault to do anything but eject tapes.

SLP work very nicely to make a backup and then duplicate it or make multiple copies.

Level 6
Try this
1) Increase the number of copies in the host properties of the Master server.
2) Have diffrent volume pool for both the profiles
3) Have diffrent off_site_volume groupfor bot the profiles.
4) Try to avoid overlapping of these vault profiles.

Level 6
I use a simple way to fix this. Set a Vault Job to run last day on month, select all clients, select policies, all schedules, all m.servers and all retentions. Do a duplicated 2 days ago, and use master server like read and write (no advance option), do the catalog, do the eject and reports.

This work perfect on preview work.

Command to preview a vault job:

root:/Pro_Files/Veritas/Netbackup/bin/vltrun 0/VaultName/ProfileName -preview

Good Luck