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Question about backup selection and incremental backup in Netbackup

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Hello everyone,

I have question regarding to the Netbackup incremental backup.

There are folder and files in that folder

backup policy name: mypolicy1
backup schedule: full and incremental
backup selection:  "D:\folder1"

Full backup schedule will backup both "file1.txt" and "file2.txt"
Then create a new file D:\folder1\file3.txt
Then trigger incremental schedule, file1.txt, file2.txt and file3.txt are backed up. (should it be only file3.txt!)

If I configure backup selection to:  D:\folder1\*  then test with the same scenario. The only file3.txt is backed up by incremental backup as expected. Please advise

There are multiple folders and files in those folders.

backup policy name: mypolicy2
backup schedule: full and incremental
backup selection:  "D:\folder*"

Full backup schedule will backup both "D:\folder1" and "D:\folder2".
Then create a new folder "D:\folder3" and create new test files in folder "D:\folder1"
Then trigger incremental schedule, all there folders and all files in those folder are backed up.
How can I configure incremental backup to backup only new folders or new files in folders without specific folder name?



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One question, are you letting the schedule execute the backups of are you doing it manually? If think if it's manual, and the required time specified in the frequency is not met, it might back everything up.

If you don't want to wait long, try setting the frequency for full to say 10 minutes and the Incremental to 1 minute.


I tried this myself and found a message in the bpbkar log that says the

<4> dos_backup::_mod_include: INF - <C:\folder1>:detected recently created directory, file create time:<1604502147>, time elapsed since last incremental:<1604499256> It will be backed up in full

Have a look in the bpbkar log on your client and see if you find something like this.


If I set backup selection:  "D:\folder1", it will backup everything regardless of full or incremental.

If I set backup seelction: "D:\folder1\*", incremental will backup only the new file.

I'm doing it manually for both scenarios.

What does that message mean?

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Have a look at Host Properties -> Clients (select client name) -> Windows Client -> Client Settings

What are the settings for Archive Bit / Incremental?

See NBU Admin Guide I for explanation:

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Question - you're saying that everything is getting backed up. What is telling you that ? The output of bplist ? Or you're just seeing the folder path show up in the Job Details and assuming ? You're not doing anything with accelerator right, just a vanilla backup ? I'm asking because Accelerator is known for running fulls under several different conditions regardless of the triggered schedule type. Assuming a vanilla backup and the files are not being changed by external forces, you ought to be able to run manual incrementals until the cows come home and not have the unchanged files touched by the job.