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Question on NetBackup policy for VMware based Exchange 2013 DAG backup

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I'm stuck on one point of the Policy config for my VMware based Exchange 2013 DAG.  I have two Exchange 2013 mailbox servers, named EX01 and EX02 and they are part of a DAG name DAG01.  When I setup the Clients tab in the policy, I am just going to build a VMware query for one of the two mailbox servers, and not both right?  I really only want to copy one of the servers to disk since the second one is just a copy of the first?  I'm sorry of this seems silly, but I am transistioning from a Backup Exec environment, where DAGs are selected by DAG name.  



Are you setting up an Exchange backup or a Standard backup?

For my Exchange Backups [2013/2016] we specify this in the backup selections:

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\

Then put the DAG name in the Client tab.  The rest pretty much takes care of itself.

The Policy type is VMware as per  "Configuring a VMware policy to backup Exchange Server".

A VMware backup that protects Exchange catalogs the databases whose active copies are on the VM. (There's an option to back up only the passive copies, but you can't get active and passive copies in one backup.) If your DAG has active database copies on more than one VM, you need to back up each of such VM's in order to protect all your databases.

I say "protect" rather than "back up" because the data itself is backed up when the VM is backed up. There is an "application state capture" job that runs before the VM backup, which catalogs the Exchange information. The snapshot for the VM then quiesces only the active (or only the passive) Exchange databases. The Exchange transaction log file sets are truncated for the databases being backed up.