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Question on NetBackup restores using Boost to backup to Data Domain

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I have an Oracle server that is a NBU media server (ora_ms1), backing up direct to a diskpool on a Data Domain via boost (not RMAN boost, but the NBU boost/ost api). I have just configured another Oracle server (ora_ms2) as a media server to do the same, backing up to the same diskpool.

My question is: if I want to restore onto ora_ms2 from a backup taken on ora_ms2, will the restore use the backup media server (ora_ms1) to read the backup data, and in essence create an extra "hop" in the restore process. the are large DBs and I want to read direct from the data domain for the restore.

I know from my experience with tape restores, the media server assigned to the tape will always be used for any restores, and I have to a media host override to allow a different media server to read direct from a tape written by a different media server. Not sure if I need to do the same for images on a diskpool.

This is NB version on Linux.



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You'll still need to set the


option in your bp.conf so it forces ora_ms2 to perform the restore that ora_ms1 originally performed.



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Set tocuh file <install path>\veritas\netbackup\db\config\USE_BACKUP_MEDIA_SERVER_FOR_RESTORE

This will cause Netbackup always to use the media server that did the backup for restore.

Do not use FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER, this setting will have unwated side effects when both oracle servers need to perform restore.



Thanks Steve.

I have made the change. Hopefully the DBA team will run a restore this week to confirm proper backup data movement.

Thanks Mike.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I did not realize there was an option to select the media server on a "per job" basis. However, this being an RMAN restore (using the NBU RMAN agent), I don't think that option would be available, so I guess I'd have to use the global FORCE_RESTORE....

Hi Nicolai,

I'm actually looking to use a different media server for the restore. I know the global setting works for tape restores. Evidently (from the other replies) it should apply for disk pool restores. I was not aware of the –disk_media_server option, which would be ideal (since I do not want this to be global), but this being an RMAN restore, I don't think that option is available.