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Quick Easy way to confirm support needs for my Netbackup?

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We are renewing our support contracts and I need to know if there is a quick/easy method to determine if our current support contract matches what we have? ......... I can say over the last year or so we have decreased our number of servers backed up and clients, but nothing else has changed, i.e. tape drives.




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Unfortunately nothing 'quick and easy' if you are using traditional agent-bases licenses.

There is an option with nbdeployutil for traditional licenses, but not very useful IMHO.

Examples of commands to check for unique client names :

bpplclients -allunique

To produce a list of database clients, the following command can be used (unfortunately the agent name needs to be specified):
bpplclients -allunique -pt <policy_type>
e.g bpplclients -allunique -pt Oracle

For media servers, you can use the GUI and then manually determine the tier level.
For DB clients, you need to know the tier level as well.
For standard clients, you need to carefully look at the 1st bpplclients output.
This will list clients that exist in policies - even deactivated policies. 
Manually remove decommissioned client names from output.

If there are policies with different names in policies (e.g Client1 and/or client1 and/or Client1.FQDN), you need to remeve the additional names.

If you are backing up clusters, you probably have at least 3 hostnames for a 2-node cluster - nodenames and virtual hostname. Here you only need to count 2 names.

There is more that I can list here, but best to work with a knowledgeable reseller to work with you to perform a license audit. You then need to have a good knowledge of the servers being backed up or involve someone in your organization who do. 

Hopefully you have capacity license which makes renewals a breeze!