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RE: drives are down

Level 4


Hi Team,

am a newbie,

suddenly today my driver is showing DOWN status how do you make it UP


Id  DriveName           Type   Residence
      Drive Path                                                       Status
0   QUANTUM.DLT-V4.000   dlt    TLD(0)  DRIVE=1
      /dev/nst0                                                        DOWN

Currently defined robotics are:
  TLD(0)     robotic path = /dev/sg3

EMM Server = crmnbuxxxx


help me out


Level 5

you can try the following to make the drive up

1. From CLI try the below command

/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmoprcmd -up 0

(where 0 is your drive Index Number from your post above)

2. From GUI Right Click the Down Drive and Select UP.

This should make your drive up.

However if it keeps going Down again then it maybe because of a drive problem. Most likely a tape stuck in the Tape Drive.


Level 4



thanks for your response I did do what you said and it showed up as "UP" but it went down again when i restared the backup job on a client.

following is the report I got

11/20/2010 16:28:19 - mounting COBxyz
11/20/2010 16:28:22 - current media COBxyz complete, requesting next media Any
11/20/2010 16:28:30 - Error bptm (pid=3894) NBJM returned an extended error status: drive(s) unavailable or down (830)
11/20/2010 16:28:31 - Error bpbrm (pid=3888) from client crmnbu01: ERR - bpbkar exiting because backup is aborting
11/20/2010 16:28:31 - end writing
An extended error status has been encountered, check detailed status (252)

do you think it is because of the tape got stuck in the drive?.

please respond to it



Level 6
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You need to find the reason for drives being DOWN'ed. There is probably a hardware problem or OS to drive comms problem.
Please do the following:

Add this line to /usr/openv/volmgr/vm.conf :


Stop/start NBU.

Up the drives. When a drive goes DOWN, you will find the reason in /var/log/messages.

Level 4

Thanks Marianne,

I resolved the drive problem, I reboot the tape library and now I got backed up my DB server.

Now, here is the deal I really need your help in understanding the media labeling, barcodes.

when we install new tapes with barcodes(cob1-8) old tapes without barcodes(A001-8) media ID were changed with new media IDs (A009-16) then I run the ./vmphyinv -rn 0 then old tapes were showing before as usual in the respected slots.

I almost resolved this problem. but the new mediaIDs (A009-16) were still existing in my medua pane.

see the attachment for details.

let me know how can  I get rid of these new media IDs (A009-13), because  we install new tapes every week.



Level 6
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Glad that you resolved your problem. Remember to add the VERBOSE entry to vm.conf for future troubleshooting.

About the media problem, can I ask that we address that in your other post?