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RMAN Backup

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Hi Team,

what is the difference between

1. If DBA dump there database on one server and we take backup of that database as flat file

2. we take oracle database backup with RMAN.


What is the difference between point 1 and 2.

If there is no difference then why we purchase RMAN license why we dont go with 1st point everytime.


What is archive backup and advantage of it?


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Archive backup - this is a "User archive schedule" in NetBackup and it will backup the data and delete the same data from the source location upon getting successful backup. this can be done by administrator of client where they can select the files/folders and run the command bparchive in cmd with the required files/folder needs to be archived.

Note: Account should have write permission to delete the files/folders after successful completion of backup.


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Point 1 is a 2-step process for backup and restore. Have you done a test to see how long it takes to restore NBU file-level backup and then do rman restore? Is this acceptable recovery time for a production database? Plus you need someone to maintain diskspace for rman dumps. Point 2 is 1-step backup and restore. Much faster recovery time. NBU manages backup storage. About archive - are you referring to NBU user archive or rman archive logs?

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Hi marianne,

Thanks for your update. i am referring rman archive logs.


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This is something you need to discuss with your dba.

If dumped to disk in the same way as option 1 above, then NBU backup and restore will be the same as in my reply above.

If using NBU agent - discuss frequency with dba.

Some databases generate archive logs at such a rate that hourly log backups with truncate is necessary.
Other database logs are fine to backup and truncate once a day after daily rman backup as part of the same backup script.


Adding few terms which you may be already aware. But make sure you know this

1. By backing up flat files of the DB data files, you are just backing up the files. NetBackup is not at all aware about the L0, L1.. or archival's. DBA will have to struggle to figure out the required files to bring back the Oracle DB in desired state. Here NetBackup Admin's (mostly else DBA) will restore the flat file backups and DBA will have search from the restore files to get the desired DB files.

2. With NetBackup & RMAN - Both RMAN and NetBackup are in sync with respect to the L0 or L1 or archival files. DBA just need to know the handles (DB files) and create the script. RMAN recovery will connnect with NetBackup and Netbackup will restore the desired files to bring the DB up & running.