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RMAN OIP Cold backup - Oracle issue when restart database

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Hi !

sorry for my english...

We are running NB 8.1.1 on all servers, Master (AIX), Media (RH 7.5) and clients (AIX) for this purpose.

We have many OIP policies for hot backup, everything goes fine. Also, we have some OIP policies for COLD backup, and we have some problem. I will explain. We are using Instance Group (Unix OS Credential and Oracle Authentication) for connecting to instance. This user was create for this. No problem to close Oracle, taking backup and restart oracle.

The problem is... when oracle is started, the process of oracle is owned by the user of the Instance Group and our DBAs don't want this. They don't know if this can do some problem in the future.

We would like to create a Instance Group only for COLD backup and putting the oracle account (DBA will set the pwd) but they don't want this option, they don't want to set the oracle's password in Netbackup.

So there is another solution ?

I know we can use bpstart_notify.[policies_COLD] and bpend_notify.[policies_COLD], but the instance name is not passed in parameters to bpstart_notify and bpend_notify, so we cannot stop the instance. Yes, in the bpstart_notify, we can stop oracle, but what happen if we have 5 or 6 instances to take backup ? The bpstart_notify will try to close oracle 5 to 6 times in few second ? For the bpend.notify... when the first instance will be end for the backup, bpend.notify will be call to restart oracle, if others backups are not ending yet, what's happen ?

Thanks for your help !




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I think that Oracle password saved in NetBackup is ok. NetBackup admin cannot read it.

Ask a security admin if any to support you.