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RMAN backup speed is slow

Level 4
I have two identical servers with Linux advance server 4 and oracle 10g. On one server, database size is around 200G and on the other server, database size is 10G. I have 6.5 netbackup client on both. So almost everything is identical except the size of database.
RMAN backup speed on server 1 is around 14 MB/s and on the second server, it is more than 30 MB/s. i don't know how to speedup the backup speed of my this very big database. Any idea about this?


Level 6
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There are many considerations for RMAN backup,

1. check the logs for whether RMAN is waiting reading the data from the DB. If yes then work with DBA whether he can look into this

2. You said there is problem with backup of 200GB database. check whether you have spare processor and memory for RMAN to run properly.

3. Are you doing the RMAN backups at the same time when file system backups are running?

4. don't know whether this link is related here in your case, go throught below link

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1. Instead of using SBT_TAPE in your rman script, try taking a backup to disk natively through rman. i.e. remove nbu from the picture
2. How many channels have you allocated?
3. what is the filesperset that you are using?
4. any difference in speed\transfer rate between oracle backups and filesystem backups?