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RMAN job failing but filesystem backup ok

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I have a problem where an RMAN job run on the client is unable to connect (get generic eror 250) but I can connect from master server ie open hist properties and the o/s backup is running fine


any ideas anyone?





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Are you sure it is a 250?

This could be many things. Can you share the job details?

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hi @JasonJ54 

I have seen this before. There are multiple reason as of why this can happen since database backup in general are much more complex than file system backup.

Did the setup work before or is this a new client ?

Examples - not a exhaust list.

  • NBU media manager library not correctly configured
  • configuration errors in rman script
  • name resolution errors.
  • bp.conf errors.

Thing to check:


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Check the CLIENT_NAME in bp.conf / host properties that is set on that client,  an RMAN backup takes the client name from the client, or is hard coded in the rman script...   If the name used is different to the name in the policy, it may not be able to communicate.  

If this is a unix/linux client, you may also have a bp.conf in the oracle home folder that would OVERRIDE settings in the normal bp.conf so check that too..

If you have many databases that are using different names to connect, you may need to update host mappings in the NetBackup host management section of the Master so connections from a different name are associated with the correct client....