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RMAN restore finds duplicate backup pieces

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We are trying a redirected restore. Normally it works fine, however this time, netbackup is finding two backup pieces with the same name and attempting to restore the wonrg one which is from a different policy.

$ bplist -C node2 -Listpolicy -t 4 -R -s 06/27/2019 / | grep jtu566kr_1_2
4980736 0 0 0 4980736 1 0 -1 -3 33204 oracle dba 4980736 1561641614 1561640993 1561640993 1561640993 2 43 Oracle_Policy_MXM_Daily 13 /jtu566kr_1_2 1 0 1
5767168 0 0 0 5767168 1 0 -1 -3 33204 oracle dba 5767168 1561638506 1561637891 1561637891 1561637891 2 38 Oracle_Policy_PRD_Daily 13 /jtu566kr_1_2 1 0 1

The allocate channel is as follows, we allocate against multiple channels becuase it is a RAC cluster and backups may havebeen performed on one or other node.

allocate channel ch01 type 'SBT_TAPE' PARMS='ENV=(NB_ORA_CLIENT=node1)';
allocate channel ch02 type 'SBT_TAPE' PARMS='ENV=(NB_ORA_CLIENT=node2)';

How can I ensure it selects the correct backup piece as I assume RMAN is asking Netbackup to send backup piece jtu566kr_1_2 ab and Netbackup just picks one of them.



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if RMAN generated duplicate piece identifiers, that s probably for a support call (but to Oracle, not Veritas).



Thanks Michael

Oracle generates unique piece names per database not across different databases.

I’m pretty sure it is NetBackups job to send the correct piece based on the inputs sent to it by the rman restore command?

We are sending the NB_ORA_CLIENT and NB_ORA _SERV and have also tried providing the NB_ORA_POLICY as well but to no avail.

Many thanks for your help.

Any one else able to offer some advice?

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I have reviewed one of my installations and identifiers are unique also between different databases - policy is configured as Intelligent and these then include also database name in the identifiers (for example, /arch_dUNLIMS_ugku5m5ur_s27156_p1_t1012602843).

If identifiers are duplicate across databases, it seems to be pretty rare but maybe it is not counted with in the code. Despite variables like NB_ORA_CLIENT, etc. RMAN is connected to one certain database so it should ask for its backups only. 

Review bprd log on the Master to check which parameters are passed to Master for image search.

Then again, I recommend to open a support call (with both vendors).