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RPM “SYMCpddea-”


I try to upgrade the kernel version in server suse 12 for sap, but post upgrade command like zypper, yast,etc, dont work anymore, i clone the machine, and a see the next RPM:

“SYMCpddea-”, i assume it is from netbackup service for the "pddea", when i remove this  for the clone machine and upgrade the kernel version work fine.

So anyone know, What is the RPM for, i can unistall?

Thanks very much



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Re: RPM “SYMCpddea-”

Not 100% sure on what RPM versions go with NetBackup version (and I don't have handy anything that old to look at), but that package is part of the deduplication code for NetBackup.

If this is a NetBackup client, then it is used for client side deduplication tasks. 

That said, it appears you are using NetBackup version 7.5 which is not supported on SuSE 12 (NBU was the first version to support this OS) and this is probably the crux of your issue. NetBackup 7.5 has been out of support for a long time now, and you should look to upgrade to something that is in support (NBU 8+). 

To your question - removing the package would not be a good idea. NetBackup may continue to work (as long as you haven't configured client-side deduplication), but you would certainly be even further into the unsupported territory (although given you appear to be running NBU 7.5 maybe this isn't a problem for you).

Re: RPM “SYMCpddea-”

Google found these TNs related to SYMCpddea package:

Seemingly related to OS library dependancies.