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Hello all,

I have a similar problem as https://vox.veritas.com/t5/NetBackup/Need-to-modify-SLP-version/m-p/844684

I want to modify the storage Unit of a SLP operation 2:

i want to replace stu1 by stu2

the cmd is :

nbstl <NameSLP> -modify_version -version 6 -uf 0,1 -residence stu2,stu2

And i have the error :

nbstl: unrecognized option 1...?

Have you an idea ?



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Re: Need to modify SLP version


You cannot use -uf with -modify_version:



Modifies the selected version (nn) of the storage lifecycle policy instead of creating a new policy. This option cannot be used with the - dc, -uf, -source, or -managed options.

Simple guidelines on how to modify attributes of SLP version

Modify old versions of Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLPs)



Re: Need to modify SLP version

Hello Marianne,

Thx for help ^^,

So i try this : nbstl SLP1 -modify_version -version 6 -residence stu2

error :   Exist status: 144(invalid command usage) - Length of new operation does not match of existing version


What i have miss ?


Re: Need to modify SLP version

Ok , i found the trick !

I had all this error, because i run this command since the Master Server Powershell Console.

Since the Appliance the command tun succefully.

Thx for Help

Re: Need to modify SLP version

Dude - mark Marianne post as solution, so others know.


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