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Re: Netbackup platform base, limited/complete edition

Can I perform backup enviroment virtual (Windows/Linux) with Netbackup platform base limited?


There is a licensing to socket in Netbackup 8.2? Anything similar to model licensing of Veeam....but in Netbackup, no Backup Exec.

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Re: Netbackup platform base, limited/complete edition

I have no idea why NBU Product Management do not publish the NBU licensing guide publicly like the Backup Exec licensing guide that is available to everyone...
I have uploaded the NBU 8.2 Licensing Guide here - page 3 of the doc says:

The Veritas NetBackupTM 8.2 Licensing Guide (Licensing Guide) is a reference document designed for use by Veritas partners and customers. The Licensing Guide describes licensing concepts and options available for NetBackup 8.2 and provides details that can help guide the customer to purchase the appropriate NetBackup license for the customer’s specific environment. For any question or comments about this guide please contact your Veritas representative.



Re: Netbackup platform base, limited/complete edition


Yes, you backup Virtual environments with Limited Edition, as Enterprise Client is included in this licensing model.

As you can see in the Licensing Guide, a socket-based license called NEVC is mentioned, but it was discontinued in the meantime. 
Backup Exec compares better with Veeam and still has a socket-based licenses, called V-Ray plus an exiting cost-effective instance-based licensing model. 

The preferred licensing model for NetBackup is Complete Edition with Flexible Licensing. 
With this license, you can protect 1.5TB virtual data with every 1TB license purchased. 

Best to discuss your licensing needs with your Veritas reseller.