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Recover Backup of other Master Server

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Hello Communties,


I'm working on an upgrade project:

Infrastructure we have :

- Master Server v7.7.3 2008 R2

- Appliance v7.7.3

- VMware v6.5

And Old Client, like Solaris 8 so need v 7.7.3


We have tu upgrade the VMware version to v7, problem is the compatibility of the Netbackup version.

Only the v8.2 is compatible with VMware v7.


So i'm on a lab :

- Master Server 8.1.2 i have upgrade to 8.2

- Media Server 7.7.3

At first i would like to Upgrade Master Server and Appliance in v8.2

Have a Media server in 7.7.3 to could backup the old Clients.


Other map is to have an other Master Server v7.7.3

But there is many problems.


Fisrt, is it possible to recover All the backup from one client to a Master Server to an other Master Server ?



As per the SCL checker on SORT: Solaris 8 with NetBackup 7.7.3 is not supported. Only supported versions are Solaris 10 and 11.

What kind of backup are you doing on the Solaris 8? If it is a Standard backup, changes are that you will be able to back it up using 8.2 also. In my current setup, I have a client with 6.5.4 (RHEL4) and 7.6 (Windows 2003) which are not supported but are being backed up by NetBackup 9.0 servers. My media servers are also at 9.0. The clients have been informed and backup is on best effort .... although the clients were also informed more than a year ago that the servers will be removed from backup as they are not supported.

This is similar to the discussion happening on this forum frequently about a version/setup being supported or not. It is best to be with supported or latest version. However, if you are stuck at an older version, Support won't assist you much with issues with unsupported version.

The easiest way for you would be to do the upgrade in your lab to 8.2 and perform backup/restore tests on the Solaris 8. If tests are successful, you will be confident that backups for Solaris 8 will almost surely work too.

I wouldn't go for the second option because 7.7.3 is currently under Extended support which ends 5 May 2021 and will be under sustaining support from then on. [correction - support type]




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To answer this question:

" Fisrt, is it possible to recover All the backup from one client to a Master Server to an other Master Server ? "

The answer is no. Unless backups are on tape and you import client backups on the other master.
If backups are on disk, it becomes difficult... There are ways to do this, but best to know what type of disk.

To upgrade your current master, you will firstly need to migrate to newer OS using the same NBU version and hostname. Once migrated to new hardware/OS, you will be able to upgrade to 8.2. 



@Marianne - thanks to point out the OS version upgrade. I didn't notice the Windows 2008 R2 master. Considering it is an old OS, the hardware it is on might also be EOSL. Server upgrade would be in order too.

@Dackey  upgrade to Windows 2019 as its support started from NetBackup 8.2.


Hi ^^,


Error of mine, on my lab the server is in 2016 Server.

But i have the error, at authentication 8021.

I have try a lot of think to correct KB :

So it is possible the version of Windows is reponsable ?

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@Dackey   The question you asked at the end of the first message "is it possible to recover All the backup from one client to a Master Server to an other Master Server ?"  Is one I would look to answer first, as there is no point in performing a backup for something you can not restore.

A fundamental problem, the client is not supported by the new version, so master would not be able to recover to original client, so regardless of how you get the data over to the new master, should you get the data there, would you be able to use it?

So,  how would you look to restore data to it?  maybe an "alternative client restore"...  You would require another "Standard" (unix / linux) based client that is supported for 8.2, you can not do "cross platform" (unix -> windows) restores!!.   If you have a means to recover the data, then its worth spending time looking at other ways to either replicate images (AIR) between the 7.X and 8.X environments, or at importing media..  

The latest post, with regards to the issue you are seeing in your lab looks to be one relating to the account/group you are using during install, did you try following this article?
it would test that you are using the correct account, and then if it works you can change the account the service is running as, and that problem should be resolved...