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Recovering a NBU 5 catalog into an NBU 6 server catalog.

Level 4
Does anyone know if it is possible to recover a catalog from a 5.1 mp6 server and pull it into a master server running NBU 6?

Given that the catalogs are different is this possible?


Level 6
Do you already have data in your nbu6 catalog? If so, what it sounds like you want is to merge your two catalogs... There is no 'utility' for that and generally Symantec Consulting services would be needed.

Here's a somewhat related discussion:ꆅ
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Alex Vasquez

Level 6
I do not think that can be done. I think what needs to be done is upgrading the 5.1 machine to the same level as the 6.0 server then decomissioning the old server.

decommission media server
bpmedia -movedb
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Level 6
I believe Dennis is correct in upgrading your 5.1 server first, before atempting a merge... Again, though, given the sticky nature of the process; contacting consulting services to see if it's possible would be advised.

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I've asked the question and tried to do it. Because the catalog and image DB are completely different you can not restore a 5 catalog to a 6 catalog and vise versa