Recovering policy settings

Prior to doing an upgrade from 7.6 to 8.0 I disabled all active policies using a script and re-enabled them with another script. The only problem is I used bpplinfo -set instead of bpplinfo -modify..... So the policies were re-enabled but a bunch of settings were put back to default. We first noticed because all the policies were set to standard when some should have been vmware or ms... now we are noticing other settings were change also. I have no idea what the settings were for each policy before this, so changing them back would not only be tedious but near impossible.

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Re: Recovering policy settings


if you have pre-upgrade Catalog backups, you can restore policies as subfolders from %NetBackup%\db\class backup. However 7.6 policies wont be likely read by 8.x master correctly, so you must either move restored folders to a 7.6 installation if you have any and then retype settings manually, or use bpplconvert utility to convert them to 8.x.



Re: Recovering policy settings

Only option is to recover the catalog on test vm and get the policies. I would suggest you to backup /usr/openv/netbackup/db/class/ every week so that incase any deletes and modifies, you can just restore the policies from the backup. You dont have to recover the catalog to get just polices. I always do this in my setup.

Re: Recovering policy settings

Do you have any OS level FIlesystem / VM ( if it is a VM ) backup of master ( Apart from catalog ) ?. You can try to recover db/class/* of the specific corrupted policy.

Re: Recovering policy settings

Not quite ...

The policies live in /usr/openv/netbackup/db/class dir

If, in BAR GUI you set the policy type to nbu-catalog, you ca then browse the catalog backup like a regular backup, select just the class dir, and restore to an alternative location.