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Redirected restore for SAP HANA on NetBackup 8.0

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I am trying to setup Redirected restore of an SAP HANA database 2.0 SPS02.  I am having two nodes and I wanted to restore from one to another. My nodes are NetBackup clients which is having 8.0 client installed. Most importantly SAP HANA 2.0 PS02 has the default multi-tenant database. So do not know how the redirected restoration works?  Even in the same node the database redirected restore is not working. There is no clear documenation available for this?

I followed the following steps as showsn in the document.

Node 1 - SID - ABC

Node2 -SID - DEF

node_names.txt --> has two nodes entry.

Added both the nodes in the policy (of a source system and destination).

My master & media server is Windows.




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Please tell us which document you are referring to?

I found this in the online version of NBU for SAP manual:

1....  NBU Policy .... 
2....  node_names.txt  ....
3. Follow the steps in the Copying a Database Using Third-Party Backup Tools topic in the SAP HANA Administration Guide. This topic describes the requirements to use the $(SAPSYSTEMNAME) in the SAP HANA configuration.

Please tell what you have found/done w.r.t. step 3?
As the final steps seem to be 100% SAP HANA tasks, the NBU documentation does not give these details.



After seeing the guide there is no support for tenant database re-directed restore.  See the below reference form SAPHANA 2.0 Admin guide. Copying a Database Using Third-Party Tools

Using third-party tools, you can create a homogeneous copy of an SAP HANA database.



Using third-party tools, it is only possible to copy SAP HANA single container systems. It is not possible to make system copies of SAP HANA multitenant database containers.

I was doing it for Multi-tenant database.

To create a copy of a database, it is not possible to mix backups from the file system and a third-party tool.

(For a standard database recovery, it is possible to use a combination of backups from a third-party tool and the file system. The backups must originate from the same system.)

 Thanks Sujay.

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So, the Veritas manuals refers to the SAP HANA documentation for details.

We can therefore assume that the supported restore scenarios is dictated by SAP HANA, right?
What are they saing about your restore requirement?