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Redirected restore not working

Level 2
NetBackup 6.5.3 Enterprise Master Server - attempting to run a test restore to test the integrity of my tapes and I don't want the file restored back to the client.  I want to redirect the file to be restored to a folder I created on the Master server.  In Backup, Archive, and Restore (started from the NetBackup Administration Console), at the Restore Marked Files dialog box, I click on "Restore everything to a different location (maintaining existing structure)", and then browse to and select a local folder on the Master server.  Then I click on "Start Restore".  Instead of restoring the file to the directory I selected on the Master Server, it attempts to restore the file to the original location on the client it came from.

Why can't I get it to restore to the folder I select on the Master Server?  (Note - we just installed this Master Server last week, so not sure if I'm missing something in our configuration.)

Thanks, Rochelle