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Regarding BMR Backup -

Using Netbackup Version 7.0 on HP-UX

Client - Windows 2003

SRT - Legacy Based SRT (created with WINDOWS 2003 SP1 CD)


Initialy when I tried to create Fast boot restore SRT & getting error message ..

could not ad plug and play devices..

Further explored and checked Verirtas Volume manager installed in that machine for mounting SAN Data.

So tried Legacy SRT creation and succeeded.But unable to install Legacy SRT using ISO image.

When tried for Preapred to Discover , unable to view Legacy based boot image in master server PTD Dialogue box (like Fast boot restore.)

Added following packages to Legacy based SRT

1.Windows Service Pack2 &

2.Veritas Volume manager VSF 4.3.

Completed BMR backup of all mounted Storage Disk groups using BMR policy .

Using BMR Client configuration Mapped Storage disk group into VM Machine's Physical disk


Disk group1 ------ Hdd1

Disk group2 -----Hdd 2

But when i tried to restore using legacy based Iso image

All disk group mappings showing invalid disk Except Primary partition.

When i selected primary partition for BMR restoration ..after reboot showing error message no operating system found.


Please guide me  for restoration.







2 Replies

Are you mapping the original

Are you mapping the original data disks to the VM?

Can you confirm that BMR installed Storage Foundation successfully during recovery procedure?

If you are mapping original disks to VM and if VxVM is up and running, there is no need to restore data disks with BMR.

You should only need to perform a 'rescan' in VEA GUI to see diskgroup and volumes.

If you are mapping new volumes to VM, use VEA to write signature on new disks, create diskgroup and volumes, then use normal NBU restore to restore volume data.



Hi   The error seen while



The error seen while creating FastBoot SRT, "could not ad plug and play devices" is now resolved with an EEB. You can contact support and get the required fix.

On the Legacy Restore front,

NetBackup 7.0 can you please provide the screen shot of the BMR disk mapping GUI that popped up while restore. I'm not exactly able to get what you mean by .... "All disk group mappings showing invalid disk Except Primary partition".  May be a screen shot can enable us to help you sooner.