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Regarding NDMP redirected Restore

Level 5

Hi All,

I need your feedback which approach is much better as we need to trasnfer the Data from EMC storage Box to Netapp Fas Box due and we are using Netbackup as the migration tool .

1) Will take the NDMP backup from EMC box and perform the redirected restore to Netapp Box

2) Use SLP to copy the data from from volume to another volume 

Our consideration is only time as we need to complete the migration asap , only concern I am having that once using SLP if I decommsioned the EMC box and make Netapp as primary ??? 

Pardon me if my question is not valid 


Rohit S Nayal


Level 5

Hi Rohit,

Unfortunately NDMP protocol is not compatible between different NAS vendors.

You can only restore to same manufacturer's NAS device.

see Marianne's response 


HI ,


What about SLP in SLP also both the primary and destination NAS vendor should also be same 

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Please help us to understand how SLP is related to migration between storage vendors.

Are you using NAS filers as backup source (NDMP policy to backup NAS volumes) as well as backup target (Disk Storage Units)? 

What kind of Storage Units are selected in SLPs as backup storage unit and as secondary option (duplication or replication STU)?