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Regarding agent-less/connection-free backup/restore for Vmware

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I know that NetBackup 7.5 can do agent-less backup, single file restore, application aware backup, however I still have the following questions:

1. Can we restore single file to its original location when there is no backup agent installed in VM?  I thought the answer is no but just read Veeam release note and it cleaims that it can do it...

2. If we have agent-assisted application level backup, can we backup and restore without needing connection between NetBackup agent and Netbackup servers? again I thought the answer is no until I read Veeam release note and Veeam claims that it can "connection free" backup.

Your comments/thoughts are much appreciated!




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answer for your first question is yes.. you can restore single files even with the VM backup.


and the answer for 2nd question is NO., unless some magic with VM configurations.. (as you said agent-assisted application level backup)


for the first quesion.. reffer the netbackup vmware admin guide..

extracted from admin guid page no 144

About restore of individual files

You can use either of the following procedures to restore files individually.
Restore individual files to the virtual machine by restoring to the
recovery host. The virtual machine drives that are the destination
for the restore must be configured in one of the following ways:
■ Windows only: The virtual machine drives must be shared
through the guest operating system on the virtual machine.
See “Setting up NetBackup Client Service for restore to a
Windows shared virtual machine drive” on page 146.
■ NetBackup client software must be installed on the VMware
virtual machine.
One-stage process
Restore individual files from the VMware recovery host to a
NetBackup client (not to the virtual machine). See the NetBackup
Backup, Archive,andRestore Getting Started Guide on how to restore
to different locations.
Then manually copy the restored files to the virtual machine.
(NetBackup does not perform this step.)
Two-stage process
Note: Individual file recovery is supported from full backups and from incremental
backups, as long as the Enable file recovery fromVMbackup policy option is
hope this helps..

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Are you referring to Veeams ability to browse/restore eg Exchange items direct from a VM backup?

It is impressive

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I thought it's technically impossible for Vmware to do agent less single file restore directly back to the original VM(where no backup agent is installed).

I also thought it's technically impossible for Vmware(or backup vendor) to do appliance backup/restore without needing backup server to connect to backup agent.

Until I saw the following from Veeam site. It would be very amazing if it's actually achievable.

The result is powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup that fully leverages the
virtual environment and eliminates the need for agents.

Direct file restore. When restoring a guest file back to its original location from the backup console
(Backup Browser), perform the restore with a single click. You no longer need to supply destination
information, and Veeam Backup & Replication does not have to stage the file locally on a backup server
or on a network share.

Direct file restore. Perform a direct file restore (described earlier) without a network connection
between the backup server and the destination VM.

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I believe that NetBackup can backup exchange from a VM backup and restore Exchange item.

I will be very much surprised that Veeam claims it can do agent-less restore for single file, exchange item.

I still think that it's technically impossible until Vmware works out something with Microsoft and other application vendors.

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Time for enhancement request... Add up an idea....

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  1. You cant restore single file to its original location, if you dont install client agent on that vm.
  2. You cant do application level backup and restore (exchange,sql, and sharepoint) without install agent,.

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Veeam is available as free trial (all the features). Give it a whirl.

(BTW I use Veeam and NetBackup in my Backup solution. Was a heterogenous OS datacenter. Now 90%  virtualized on Linux and Windows. Only now use NetBackup for the backup to tape.)
Demo of recovering an email from Exchange Server VM Backup

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I have always believed the reason why NetBackup or backup vendors can't do these because Vmware hasn't been able to provide such functionalities. What is confusing me is why Veeam cleaims it can do the magic...