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Remote agent support for SQL 2005 x64 on Windows 2003 x64

Level 5

I am wondering if Netbackup supports the remote backup of SQL 2005 on Windows 2003 x64 edition (not IA64). We have recently found out Backup Exec 10d doesn't support any type of database backups under x64 and are left looking for a solution.



Level 3
Hi Evan,

You can download a compatibility list of Database agents supported by NBU on link below

Level 5
Hey Carlos,

Thanks for the link. I also found this one ( that has a list of agents for NetBackup 6.0. It doesn't look like they support x64 for any version of SQL server backup (the same as Backup Exec).

I've seen a few people talking about running Netbackup 32-bit agents on x64 (in 32-mode). Can anyone give me an idea if they were able to backup SQL (any version) using this process?


Level 4
That's a good question. Why can't we install the 32 bit service on an x64 machine? It's not a device driver, so it doesn't have to be in 64 bit mode? What gives here? Everybody is screaming they need x64 SQL backups, but Veritas is surely not delivering.

Level 6
Has anyone actually tested a SQL2005 backup on x64? We have a number of x64 machines (that don't run SQL) that back up just fine with the 32-bit client. The compatibility matrix even says that Veritas supports x64 windows with 32-bit binaries. My guess is that it would work, but we don't use the SQL agent.