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Remote installation of server software

Level 4
I am trying to remotely install additional NBU media server from the server with previously installed master server. But when I run installation program it's looks like there is no possibility to do remote installation from machine with previously locally installed master or media server. Is it correct or I do something wrong?

Level 4
It is a connection (TCPIP) or a netbackup problem?
Could the new NBU media server ping the master server?
Please explain your problem with more details!

jerome m.

Level 4
It's not connection problem. It's looks like "by design" behavior. When I start installation program from a server which has a master or media software installed and click on "Install server software" item there is no option to do local or remote installation. I see just "Modify, Repair, Remove" items for local installed software.
I want to know is it possible to install software remotely from server with locally installed master/media software or not?
I have NBU for Windows 5.0 GA...

Level 5
No, if the software is already installed you cannot "push" install the server software to another system because as you have seen it detects the local install and wants to remove, repair, or modify. Choose another server that does not have NetBackup installed for the push.

Level 4