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Removing the LTO4 Drive only use LTO5 can LTO4 tapes be read by LTO5?

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Hi All,

We have on old HP ESL322 library, the tape library consist of LTO4 drives and LTO5 drives. Currently the configuration, the LTO4 tapes using LTO4 drives and LTO5 tapes using LTO5 drives. My boss thinking to remove the LTO4 drives. Is it possible? Will the LTO5 drives read the LTO4 tapes? I know it is possible that LTO5 drive can read read (only) LTO4 tapes, but how to know whether my current configuration will be able to do that without too many changes in the configuration?

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LTO5 drive will read and write to LTO4 tape.

Easy enough to do, just make sure the LTO4 tapes are the same 'density' (hcart/ hcart2 etc ....) that the LTO5 tapes are set to.

You can change the density of a media

vmchange -m <media id> -new_mt <density>

The density of the tape/ drive can be any of these

4mm, 8mm, 8mm2, 8mm3, dlt, dlt2, dlt3, dtf, hcart, hcart2, hcart3 

As long as the tape/ drive matches it doesn't matter.