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Renewing SSL certificates on OpsCenter 7.7.1

Level 3

Dear all,

I'm renewing SSL certificates on OpsCenter 7.7.1.

I followed this link : 

The OpsCenter in http or https is still unreacheable.

Could you help me ?

If more details are needed, please feel free to contact me on this post.

Have a good day.


Level 3


Nobody can help me please ?

Have a good day.

Hi @thomasv_dtp_lp 

Can you eloborate on what the problem is - your description doesn't really help. Is the certificate you installed not valid or is OpsCenter not running?

Was OpsCenter working before you updated the SSL certificate? Is it running now?

Were there any issues/errors when you followed the instructions from the article you mentioned?

Is OpsCenter running (all components) - if the server is Windows there are 4 services that should be running.


Hi @davidmoline

Thank you for your help.

The OPScenter is not running.

Yes, he was opertional before update.

No issue on the article but OPScenter is unrecheable.

The 4 services are started.

Therefore, the OPScenter can't be joined with an internet browser.



Hi @thomasv_dtp_lp 

WHen you say unreachable, can you ping the server? You say the 4 services are running, when you try to browse to https://opscenter_server - what happens? Does it timeout, does it say unreachable, or something else?

I think you should provide some logs so we can see what might be wrong. These ones please (save as text files and attach to your reply):
<INSTALL_PATH>\OpsCenter\server\logs\OpsCenterSrvService.<YYYY-MM-DD>.log - the most recent one only.
<INSTALL_PATH>\OpsCenter\gui\logs\OpsCenterWebSrvService<YYYY-MM-DD>.log - the most recent one only.

Then can you also provide the output from the command (run in a command prompt windows) "netstat -an | findstr 443"


Hello @davidmoline ,

When i try to browse to https://opscenter_server, the page say iternet explorer can't displayed this page.

For logs, see attached.

Result of command :

C:\Users\Administrateur>netstat -an | findstr 443
TCP [::]:443 [::]:0 LISTENING

Thank you for your help.



Well - I can't see anything that looks unusual in the logs. Have you tried running a web browser on the OpsCenter server itself and using the URL (https://localhost)?

Could there be a name resolution issue (ie does the hostname in the URL "opscenter_server" resolve to the hostname/IP for the server CENV0292 where you are running OpsCenter)?

And have you tried other web browsers?

Hi @davidmoline ,

I tried https://localhost but still unrecheable.

Maybe. The host seems to be good. Did you have an idea ? 

Unfortunaly, no other web browser is installed on the server.

I tried to change server.xml and web.xml unsuccessfully.

I think I am missing something simple but I don't see what ...


Hi @davidmoline 

The host file seems to be good.

Do you have an idea. I'm quite lost.



I'm also lost - but can you try browsing to the OpsCenter server by IP address (https://<ip_address> ) and then take a picture (snip) of the browser window when it fails. Last thing I can think of - can you provide the recent webserver logs. 

Found at <Install_Path>\OpsCenter\gui\webserver\logs
Can you provide recent (non-empty)

Maybe something in there will identify your problem. 

Have you tried restarting OpsCenter (opsadmin stop/opsadmin start), or restarted the server itself? Is the server's firewall blocking the port? Have you confirmed that routing is correct - you never indicated whether ping'ing the server worked.



Snapshot joined.

Logs joined (localhost_accesss_log.YYY-MM-DD.txt - Empty).

OpsCenter and server restarted. Windows Firewall stopped. Ping is desactived on our network.

Sorry I cannot see the problem.

I suggest you log a call with support and see if they can assist. 

Hello @davidmoline,

Thank you for your help.

On your recommendations, I opened a case.

Best regards