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Replace hardware of MSDP media server

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We have NBU 7.7.1 Windows 2012 media server with 20TB MSDP. MSDP disks are presented via SAN. We need to replace this server with new hardware. We will not change the hostname or IP address of the server. I know that the procedure is written in the deduplication guide (  )  but I do not want to expire the images (without deleting) and then import them.

Is there a way to do this with the following procedure

1- Install win2012 to new media server

2- Install NBU 7.7.1 to new media server.

3- Deactivate old media server.

4- Unplug MSDP disks from old media server and present the disks to new media server via SAN with the same drive letter.

5- Shutdown old media server and give old media server's IP to new media server.

6- Configure MSDP on new media server with disks that are came from old media server and use the same paths for storage and database.

7- Test backup and restore operations.

The most important step is 6. I am not sure that new media server will read the images on the disk. Because in a normal MSDP configuration, we are presenting empty disk to media server. But this time, the MSDP disk will be full of backup images.

Any idea?


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The official answer is the process in MSDP manual.

A Symantec/Veritas employee (no longer active here) answered in 2015 in this post that the following TN can be used:

Unfortunately, this TN only mentions tape, Advanced and Basic Disk, and I have never seen feedback from anyone who has managed to move MSDP successfully using this method. 
My gutfeel is that the process 'should' work, provided that the media server hostname stays the same. 
All of the Storage Server config on the master server and MSDP hostname (and other config info) in the databases on MSDP storage should theoretically remain the same.

You may want to log a support call with Veritas to enquire about TN 000041204 for MSDP. 

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Any feedback?
Have you migrated MSDP yet?

How did it go?
Did you manage to migrate without expire and import? 

Hi Marianne

We did not migrated the MSDP. We installed a new media server with a new hostname and IP address. Then we presented new disks to this new server and configured a new MSDP. After that, we pointed the policies to this new MSDP storage unit for the storage location. 

We will wait for the images to expire on the old MSDP, then we will poweroff the media server.