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Replacing Windows Media Servers with Linux Media Servers

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Good Afternoon.

I have a customer planning to replace his existing Windows Media Servers with new RHEL servers, and I'm wondering if that will cause issues when trying to use the new Media Server to restore older images. We suggested they keep the windows media servers around for restores, but they are not amenable to that. Is there a way that I can re-assign all primary image ownership from 1 Media Server to another?

They are on Netbackup v8 right now but will be upgrading to v9 as a first step.

Thank you


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if the backups located to MSDP storage, then you can duplicate all backups from windows media server to linux media server and at the same time change the primary copy.
If you have tapes, then zone the library to the linux media and configure netbackup. You can move the image and tape owner using the command:
bpmedia -movedb -m <mediaid>  -oldserver <old_media_server> -newserver <new_server_name> -force

If a client has the linux media server to the servers list, you can do all restores

Thanks Stefanos. Is that something we can do "As required", or does every image have to be transferred over to the new Linux Media servers before the Windows Media Servers are decommissioned? In other words, can we decomm the Windows Media Servers right away and then IF we ever need to restore an older image we can do the transfer at that time?

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What is your backup destination now?
Advanced disk?
Other ventor Deduplication device?

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Look at nbdecommission command it might help you out :grinning_face:

Quebek's suggestion is a good one. nbdecommission will move any images owned by media1 to media2.

nbdecommission -oldserver <media1> -newserver <media2>


The backups were sent to advanced disk then copied to tape. There were also backups directly sent to tape.

nbdecommission changes the image ownership but doesn’t copy the advanced disk images from windows media server to Linux media server.