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Replicate to DR Site

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We have 2 servers with 6Tb NAS storage. We would like to replicate these to servers to our DR site. Can this be done through our existing NBU enviroment? Can this be done with Realtime?

We have Master server, enterprise client and client & application pack.

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NetBackup is not a replication product.

Your NAS probably has a replication feature of some variety (although this may involve a license). If you want to stick with Symantec, look at Veritas Volume Replicator . There are a ton of vendors out there who have replication appliances as well, including probably whomever built your network switches. =) 

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MAYBE.  I don't know a lot about RealTime but it sounds like it's what you'd need.

Can you wait for RT 7.0 (will be out with NetBackup 7.0) or do you need it now?

Here's the landing page for RTP 6.5, where you can browse through the documentation and see if it's up your alley:

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You could use PureDisk with NetBackup Integration, so you will need 2 PureDisk environments (Storage Pool).

-The first Storage Pool needs to be integrated as Disk Storage Unit (PDDO)
-Then the first Storage Pool needs to be sync with to DR site (second Storage Pool)
-After that restore your applications as a normal restore.

NetBackup has an integration with DataDomain that it works a little simple (with deduplication).