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Replication director with Oracle

Level 4
I am asking about certain setup for Replication director.. and if it is applicable because i am building a use case to use the replication director with the NetApp..
first.. the environment is a clustered master server NBU 8.1.2 on win 2012R2..with 4 media servers same NBU and windows version as master and one Veritas appliance 5230.
we have a lot of Oracle DB on AIX.
what i am thinking about is as follows
To get the NetApp.. and have Oracle replicated using date guard to new environment hosted on NetApp as a NAS.. question here.. how to host it as a NAS not san.. using NFS or iscsi?
next is to have snapshots taken from NetApp.. and then NBU will take backup from the it possible to take incremental backup from the snapshot? and how can i restore from the snapshot?
Thanks for any help..

Level 6

You may be able to make it work, but you seem to be over complicating the setup (just because you can doesn't mean you should).

IMHO I would simply perform Oracle agent based backups against the data guard copy of the database. 

If you really want to pursue the replication director approach, I would be talking with your DBA about how recovery can be performed to make sure that they can perfrom recovery from the snapshots. Then I would use the snapshots for short term recovery only without backing them up using NetBackup (do the agent based backup for longer term retention direct as suggested above). I would also be wary of developing a solution using Replication director (as this product is not really being developed further) - maybe see what CloudPoint provides for the NetApp array.

If you had a new model appliance I would also suggest you look into Oracle Co-Pilot, but I'm not sure the 5230 would cope (and is there sufficient capacity to allow an NFS share or shares to be presented to your Oracle servers). That said Co-Pilot is certainly supported on the 5230 as a platform.

As for how to configure the NetApp (NFS or iSCSI), I'd be looking at what Oracle supports. iSCSI may give you better performance, but I think NFS would provide greater scope for different solutions. 

Hope that helps