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Replication job failing with error 191

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We had setup a replication which is now failing with error code 191.

Actaully we had configured AIR and had created a SLP with replication action.

DataDomain is being getting used.

Below is the job detailed status.


04/08/2017 00:55:41 - Error bpdm (pid=12886) <async> copy image failed: error 2060046: plugin error
04/08/2017 00:55:41 - Error bpdm (pid=12886) copy failed: error 174
04/08/2017 00:55:41 - Error bpdm (pid=12886) <async> cancel failed: error 2060001: one or more invalid arguments
04/08/2017 00:55:41 - Error bpdm (pid=12886) copy cancel failed: error 174
04/08/2017 00:55:41 - Error nbreplicate (pid=12876) ReplicationJob::Replicate: Replication failed for backup id mediaServer_100000: media write error (84)

Kindly suggest



Please review logs using console (Reports->Problems) for the time when you encountered this error and share more information that you can find.

Please let us know if the new duplication/replication is being done through new media server, please give access to this new media server in DataDomain (Login to DataDomain and make sure this server has access)

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Please double check your configuration steps against the solution in this post:

Level 4

Compare backup image metadata on the Source DD and the Target DD.


Copy/make note of the backup_image name.

On source DD enter the following command:

mtree list

domain@dd1# mtree lis
Name Pre-Comp (GiB) Status
----------------------------- -------------- ------
/data/col1/storage_unit 4678.6 RW
/data/col1/storage_unit_2 79.5 RW
/data/col1/storage_unit_3 0.0 RW
/data/col1/storage_unit_4 19868.9 RW
----------------------------- -------------- ------

copy the mtree file path of the mtree that is in use.

use the following command:

filesys show compression /data/col1/storage_unit/*backupimage_1478584827*

domain@dd1# filesys show compression /data/col1/storage_unit/*backupimage_1478584827*
/data/col1/storage_unit/backupimage_1478584827_C1_HDR:1478584827:test:4:1::: mtime: 1478584842338840610, bytes: 8,192, g_comp: 9,260, l_comp: 687, meta-data: 260, bytes/storage_used: 8.7
/data/col1/storage_unit/backupimage_1478584827_C1_F1:1478584827:test:4:1::: mtime: 1478585055527416055, bytes: 3,675,501,568, g_comp: 1,794,478,883, l_comp: 1,733,723,954, meta-data: 7,495,748, bytes/storage_used: 2.1
/data/col1/storage_unit/backupimage_1478584827_C1_TIR:1478584827:test:4:1::: mtime: 1478585057917724000, bytes: 65,536, g_comp: 66,928, l_comp: 9,934, meta-data: 476, bytes/storage_used: 6.3
/data/col1/storage_unit/backupimage_1478584827_C1_IM:1478584827:test:4:1::: mtime: 1478585059883483000, bytes: 65,536, g_comp: 54,640, l_comp: 1,843, meta-data: 440, bytes/storage_used: 28.7

Total files: 4; bytes/storage_used: 2.1
Original Bytes: 3,688,002,228
Globally Compressed (g_comp): 1,794,609,711
Locally Compressed (l_comp): 1,733,736,418
Meta-data: 7,496,924

This command will give you a break down of the meta data for the specific image you have searched. Run the same commands on the Target DataDomain and see if there are any differences. 

I've had it where only partials of the meta data is replicated and the source doesn't know what to do and then the replication fails.


Hi Mystre

2 things

1) i have a very large job and cant view all the details when i run the command. Do you know if there is a way to export the details into a text file to compare details?

2) If there is a descrepency, as you say only partial meta-data replicated, what do you do at that point to resolve the issue?

Many thanks

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Check the credentials. Because this error occurs in some cases.

The credential must be the same equals used on setup media deduplication. In the netbakcup appliance this error occur when setup the User on Media Server Credential is different.

Ex: Do you use admin and passwor default to configure media credential. But you can use Root and password of Dedup via show in the clish menu. 

Level 3

assuming that you are duplicating the data from site1 to site2. in job details it clearly says that unable to copy the image from source so you have to verify that duplication was completed successfully?

-Verify the duplication was completed successfully

-Site2 master server has the creddentials of the DD or PureDisk or MSP to get the image replicated succesfully

-Last but not least you can verify that plugins version looks like it is mis-matched. please have a look at it

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@nbu123 posted in April this year and last visited here 2 days later.

We can only assume that he/she managed to fix the problem and forgot to provide feedback here...