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Replication jobs 20 seconds delay

Hi there,

We have configured AIR for our both NetBackup environments. Every Replication job (also the ones which replicate very small SQL transaction log backups) suffer from a 20 seconds delay between each file.

Each delay occurs between the lines

Replicating images to target storage server
Info bpdm (pid=37580) EXITING with status 0

I think this has nothing to do with the transfertime of the image because it occurs at al smaller jobs.

Do we have a firewall issues causing timeouts or so?

Any help appreciated.


2 Replies

Re: Replication jobs 20 seconds delay

There is some some overhead involved in setting up a replication. if 20 seconds is too much I cannot say. 

If not already done so, you should consult the "Best practices for using Storage Lifecycle Policies and Auto Image Replication in NetBackup 7.6"

it is a very well written document.  Hint: take a look at " Minimum size per duplication job". This may save you a bunch of small replication jobs.

Re: Replication jobs 20 seconds delay

Nicolai, thanks for your reply.

The document is, as far as it is about SLPs, merely a list of SLP Parameters and their effect, for instance when a job will start.

The delay we are seeing is -within- a job.

I cannot find a document about performance, ports or whatever.