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Reporting/Monitoring is required

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Hi All,

We have 6.5 and 7.1 mix versions of netbackup round 15 remote sites.

We have solaris 9 and windows 2000/2008 backup master servers. Master/ Media are same.

We need to have reporting these sites like alerts/monitoring/reporting.

Do we have some scripts whcih we can use or NOM/OPS center can work.

Please suggest.


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Hello peterhunt,

we have acomplished this by triggering the logs of the netbackup mediaservers.

D:/Program Files/VERITAS/NetBackup/logs/bpbrm/

doing this on a daily bases you can use third party monitoring tools that rises alerts by finding the desirable string to look for.

Just an example: bpbrm main: client XXXXXXX  EXIT STATUS = 1: the requested operation was partially

another one : Log D:/Program Files/VERITAS/NetBackup/logs/nbjm/51216-117-3140498442-151222-0000000000.log :

:jobid=234204,0:,0:,2,(131|S51: NBU status: 2074, EMM status: Disk volume is down

The last example you need to gather from the log directory of Masterserver.

Best regards,


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You can use OpsCenter for reporting and some alerting by mail, you will have to check the requirements for your legacy 6.5 masters

Else I have seen the setup where you have scripts that writes to a relevant log, the monitoring system monitors for the entries

OpsCenter can send snmp traps, but I have been told it not is easy to integrate to monitor systems like for example SCOM


The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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An aside -- NBU 6.5, Solaris 9, Windows 200 out of support years ago; NBU 7.1 ends next year.



You can email backup job failure and can keep track by -

Host Properties -> Master Server-> Right Click Properties-> Global Attributes->Adminstrator Email Address

Specify your team email adderss to get the emails from Netbackup, but make sure your sever is able to send the email (you may check with exchange team for smtp server setup)

Also I use these command to get the reports for last 24 hours status

bperror -backstat -by_statcode -hoursago 24 -U

You can also try these:

bperror -s ERROR -hoursago 24
bperror -s CRITICAL -hoursago 24
bperror -s ERROR+ -hoursago 24 -U -columns 180

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Thanks All for your suggestions!!


Michael Anderson: Thanks for your points.


Else I have seen the setup where you have scripts that writes to a relevant log, the monitoring system monitors for the entries: Can i get some scripts which can trigger alerts when drive is down or library is offline. Also which can send failure reports on specific email address.  Ops center I have to look for . what is the requiremnets to install it.


Thanks Will restore: I know they are outdated but client is stuck wth these. no extra cost he wants to put.


Thanks Tape archived: I ran these bperror commands. Any way can we diferentiate issues by  policy names as these are mostly ndmp backups. so clients are same.

I need to run these reports andsend it on my email

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i am able to ping and telnet smtp server at port 25. also Host Properties -> Master Server-> Right Click Properties-> Global Attributes->Adminstrator Email Address this is set.

Still not getting mailers for failures.


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Netbackup does not have have a built-in mail client. You need to install and configure a mail client such as blat. You can Google 'install and configure blat with NetBackup'. PLEASE upgrade your environment. OS and NBU versions. No good running unsupported environments. Assuming your data and support for it is important to your business....

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I tested it today by myself.

A server that, even it is not part of a police can be also attacked by using bptestbpcd.

 /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bptestbpcd -host XXXXX -verbose
1 1 1
1XXX0.1.XXX.XXX:55517 -> XXX.2.6XXX65:13724
XXX.1.XX.21:XX -> XXX.2.6.XXX:13724
PEER_NAME = Masterserver
VERSION = 0x06500000
PLATFORM = linuxR_x86_2.6

When you do a list of your serveurs and then you run the following:

 for i in ` cat list.  ` ; do  echo "Client to test if agent installed:" $i ; /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bptestbpcd -host $i -verbose ; done

You should get a list with al clients that are accesable because an agent is installed.

Best regards,



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Thanks Mariane.  Is BLAT also applicable for unix solaris 5.9 .

Let me know how to install BLAT for solaris.

Also I think OPS cnter 7.5 can cover 6.5/7.1 netbackups and their monitoring.

Please let me know what is requirement for ops center server.

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Solaris and all Unix/Linux servers use OS 'sendmail' utility.

I have shared steps to configure sendmail at OS-level over here: 

If you can login as root on Solaris server and use mailx to send test email, then email notification from NBU will also work.

Ops Centre server requirements are listed in the relevant admin guide.

Links to all versions of NBU manuals can be found in 'Handy NBU Links' in my signature.

PLEASE upgrade outdated OS and NBU versions to ensure support from SUN/Oracle and Veritas. 
Where will you go for support if you have problems with config of 6.5 master and 7.x Opescenter?

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Thanks Marianne!!!

For your help and support n this.

Ops center implementation will take sometime. In the meanwhile i was thinking of setting up alerts.