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Required Vault configuration procedure

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Could u someone please provide me the Vault configuration,Troubleshooting,Profile update steps under Netbackup 6.5 version.




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Sure - it's all in the manual:
The key to successfully configuring Vault is to plan before hand what you wish to achieve.  For example, there may be a requirement to offsite images created by 3 different policies.  Whilst this could be achieved by the use of 3 separate Vault profiles, it is much more straight forward to have 1.  As a Catalog tape should always be sent off site with each set of physical media, the use of one Vault profile would also mean only one copy of the Catalog would be created which not only simplifies the process, but reduces the number of tapes used.
A couple of hints ...
In the Choose Backups tab of the profile, configure the attributes to allow Vault to select the required images.  See figure 6.
It is recommended that in the Backups Started: selection the following points are followed.
1/  Select a period longer than actually required. If you wish to Vault images for the past day, then select a overlapping time period, for example 2 days.  This ensures that Vault will not miss any images.  Vault will not process an Image twice, so there is no danger of Images being selected a second time.
2/  Avoid selecting a time of '0 days 0 hours' ; this will help avoid the possibility of Vault trying to select images (on tape) where the tape is still in use.
Under Locations : there is a selection for Source Volume Group.  Care should be taken if this is changed as it can cause Vault to not capture the tapes expected for ejection.  An example of this type or error that can be seen in the below example :
06:00:34.628 [3644] <8> vltrun@ImgFilterInVolGrp::DoValidate^100: Image: client1_1223690456 Rejected - MD=200049 of PRIM NOT in SrcVolGrpSet
This indicates that the image has been rejected and hence the tape(s) on which it resides will not be considered for ejection. The reason for such an image being rejected is because its primary copy is not in the Source Volume group configured in the Vault Profile.

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can u plz verify your Mark As Solution ......

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Please refer the below doc for your req: