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Resotring a VM to another vcenter

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Hi all,

We have a site closure in one of our remote site and it has only single vm left which we are going otmigrate to a different vcenter. I

Is it possible to take the backup of the vm from the soruce side then duplicate to the destination site and then restore it to different vcenter?



Level 3

Hi Skapoor39,

That's not a problem at all, you just need to do some modifications to your environment.

I don't know how you'r settings are, do you have a meda server on the remote site, or even another master server?
So let's asume that you do, that you have a own netbackup master server on the remote site.
What you will do is to authenticate both master servers together, (Create a Trust)

Host Properties -> Master Servers -> Servers -> Trusted Master Servers and add both of them.

Now, go to your Remote Site Master server to SLP and createa a new SLP, and do as follows:

Name it Import, create a Opertaion Import with Storage *-stu Retention Type Target Retention.

Second go on the Master (Local) server to SLP and create a new SLP, and do as follows:

Create a Backup operation to your STU_MSDP volume.
Create a second Operation as Replication select Import from the (remote site) as your Storage destination (SLP)

Now go to the Policies of the remote site and change Policy Storage to this created SLP.
What will happen is that you will now get all your Images to you'r Master server in the Local site.

Important if you want to restore to another vCenter, what is not a problem at all, please add the vCenter on Credentials -> Virtual Machine Servers, you have to define the new vCenter there.


(Other option)
If the latency and the connection is good enough, you do not need to do what I wrote there.
You can just add the Virtual Maichne Server as indicated in the last point, create a new Policy and backup over the LAN to your Master server in the Local site. It may take some time, but at the end you will have you'r images and you can restore to your local site.

Thank you for yoyr reply.... I have a master server which already has 2 vc's added...

Each site has their local nbu applainces on which we are duplicating the data accross.

Primary vcenter is serving the vcenter from some remote sites, which we afe closing down and all the vms from remote site needs to be backed up locally as we have local applainces there... And then duplicate the images and then restore it to secondary vcenter...

The only question i am looking an asnwer for is can we restore those vm to the secondary vcenter or if we can simply restore vmdk's to an alternate server space...

Once you have added the Vcenter in the required master server , you would be able to perform the restore that Vcenter.

Under Credentials TAB of your master - Please add your Vcenter server name.