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Restoration to alternate Master server

Hi friends,

I got a restoration request to to restore a file backed up on server A in location A and restore it in server B in location B. Both location A&B are running with Sun OS5.10 and NBU version as And both the server A&B are windows client running in 6.5.6 Version.

Please send the steps or tech article to perform the activity. Thanks in advance.





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If you want to do a single

If you want to do a single restore, then the easyest way is to import the tape(s) that have the backup to the location's B master server.

Then you can start your restore.




Put master server in location

Put master server in location A on client B server list and restore the file from master server A. 

This requiere however IP access between the two sites.

If you want to restore from the client side use the procedure below

You need however to put the master server in location A on top of the server list on client B server list.


First question:  Is server B

First question:  Is server B at location B network accessible from Master and Media Server at location A? If this is the case, then:

a. Add Master A and Media A (if different) as valid servers to client server B.

b. Add client server B as a valid client to Master Server A.

c. Do an "alternate client restore" of the file to server B, using the Backup/Archive/Restore Wizard on  Master A.

If the two locations do not have network connectivity:

a. Add client server A as a valid client on Master Server B.

b. Export/Import the backup image from location A to Master Server at location B. That would be using tape.

c. Do the "alternate client restore" of client A file image to client B. 


If this is NBU or later, you can set up A.I.R. to do the image duplication automatically from location A to location B.