Restore Old Images after upgrade


We are upgrading from to 7.7.3. Is there any technote which says that the older images backed up with can be restored form 7.7.3 with out any issue.

I know this can be done, but needs a technote or document to suport this information.

Or is there any way we get from Veritas.

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Re: Restore Old Images after upgrade

I have not seen such a TN. 

This kind of support is a built-in ability of any kind of backup software without the vendor needing to state it explisitly. 

What good would 'Infinity' retentions be without future versions being able to read the backups?

If you need confirmation in writing from Veritas, you will need to log a Support call.

Restore exceptions are listed here: https://sort.veritas.com/nbufutureplans 



Re: Restore Old Images after upgrade


If you send me a PM with your work email address, I'll send you an email confirming backwards compatability.


Re: Restore Old Images after upgrade

Yes it will be restored to the latest one, there is no specific Tech note on this i did from to 7.7.2 on around 4 master and 8 media servers. i did'nt see any issues.

Naveen Sunkari