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Restore Renamed Files with "to" in File Path

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Just wondering if anyone else has ever come across this (minor) problem:


When attempting to restore files on Netware or Windows servers in NB 6.5, a dialog prevents the process from starting if you try to rename the destination path when the source has a standalone "to" in it.


For example:

Trying to restore 'C:\Temp\Stuff to Restore\File.txt' to 'C:\Temp\Restore\' yields the following dialog:


"Target restore rename path <Restore/ to /C/Temp/Stuff to Restore> does not start with '/'"


Since the 'Stuff to' is omitted in the beginning of the message, this makes me believe that 'to' is a keyword that NetBackup uses internally to specify a rename path.  This dialog does not appear when restoring to the original location.


If this doesn't make sense, try running a test backup of a temporary directory like the one in the example, and attempt to restore to a different path.


Google is normally a great way to find related issues, but since 'to' is such a common word, it's hard to find any results for this one.


Thanks everyone!


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Hi Mike,


Thanks very much for posting the above thread. It really helped me.

The error seems to be Simple error but complex.