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Restore a Sharepoint site collection to a different server


We are using Netbackup 6.5.4 for backing up a Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 environment. To test recovery we have set up an identical environment (although with different server names) with an empty installation of Sharepoint and also with the Netbackup client installed. 

To test restoration we then go to the test environment and in the Netbackup client we set the original Sharepoint installation as "Source client for restores" and  the test server as "Destination client for restores". After that we choose the site collection that we want to test restoring and then we start the restore. When we have done that the status dialog is opened but nothing happens, it stays empty.

Is it possible to do a restore of a Sharepoint site collection this way? If so, how should you do to get Netbackup to restore to a different server?

Best regards