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Restore at DR site failing with error code 2067

Level 3

Netbackup (Linux) in cluster.

Catalog Image database successfully recovered in DR setup for 7.6 POC on same master server name with different nodes name.

Added Data Domain diskpool with same name as production. Data Domain are sharing in production and DR but separate pool are configured for writhing in DR.

Problem :- While doing restore testing in DR , restore image is searching disk pool media ID @aaaam whereas in DR , same diskpool configuration is showing different media id @aaaa6 and restore is failing with error code 2067 Disk volume is not found.

Restore is successful for only those diskpool where media ID is matching with production disk pool media ID.

How to make same Media ID of Disk pool?






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Did you perfrom the catalog recovery from 7.1 Master to 7.6 Master? if yes did you consider the chages in catalog that happend with 7.5 release?

when you recover the catalog... how about the actaul data on the DD,

looks like you have not configred the disk pool to DR site that is actaully having the data of Production one..





Level 3

I forgot to mentioned, firstly I am building the DR site with . My plan is to upgrade and do POC of 7.6 later on. Issue with DR site only. Disk pool are properly configured with production names still media Id of disk pools are showing different from production one.

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The disk pool names are configured within the EMM database and cannot be changed

You need to do a full catalog recovery to maintain all of the naming of these as you need to bring EMM back

As Marianne says nbcatsync may help but the it need a sql script to change things within EMM and you would need support to create that - which is not great when you are doing a DR test.

If you did do a full catalog recovery are you sure that your configuration between live and DR are the same - same installation path, same path for netbackup\db and netbackupbd\data?