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Restore backup using PowerShell



I would like to automate some Oracle E-Business Suite clone.

My customer is using netbackup to store the file system backup.

I would like to restore backup on a new node using Powershell script.

Is there any netbackup library or packages available that I can use for this?

If yes, where can i get that libraries ( I do not have the netbackup CD )?


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There is as far as I know no

There is as far as I know no power shell libraries for Netbackup. But you can always call Netbackup command line programs to do what you want.

Please see the attached command line reference. Lookup bprestore

A word of advice - always call the bprestore command from the client - It safer if something does work as intended ;-)



Thanks for your feedback. My

Thanks for your feedback.

My goal is really to automate the process. So I need to run all the restore from teh command line.

I will do some test to see what I can do and how I can trust this

Thanks again.


when i need restore lots of

when i need restore lots of data,i like use command to complete the jobs.