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Restore failure

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So there is this particular restore job which fails. I might be short on the necessary information that will be required to understand this case (also i mostly have some screenshots) but here are the observations

1. In the first attempt to restore, error seen was "media manager detected image that was not in tar format".  So the first thought was if the LTO 2 tape was bad. Three tapes were asked by the job but only the first tape was in the library - so spanning was involved and maybe this was issue.

NOTE: NO encryption involved during the backup

2. So in the second attempt we imported all three tapes in the library and tried a restore (selected files)

Error seen was slightly different although still about an invalid tar archive

FTL - tar received an invalid archive


  vxlogview -t 04:00:00 has no messages which indicate anything related to the job failure around the time the restore job failed

3. At this point all our tests were concentrated on the first tape since the other two weren't even mounted yet

4. bpmedialist -mcontents -L -m <media id> lists the backup id on tape etc. fine without any errors

5. bpverify -mediaid <media id listed by bpmedialist> has problems

INF - Block number does not match for file .... xxx in image is 75012348, in database is 75012346.

So the above errors repeat for other file names till this message

INF - At least 10 database compare errors occurred, not logging anymore.
6. bpverify was running for a long time a few hours atleast thereafter but no further output . It did strike to me later that maybe we should have waited till bpverify completed. But there was not way to tell now if there was any particular tar header on tape which was corrupt because bpverify said its not logging anymore.
7. Reading on the error messages by bpverify job  takes me to But this article says that restores should not be affected. 
So the questions here are
a. Whats the best way to scan the entire tape to see if the tar headers are fine.
b. We probably should have let bpverify complete. Is there a way to force bpverify to log all message and not stop after the first set of errors ? Are there any options which will be helpful for my case. 
c. With the 7.7.3 version which is the best way to capture more errors in the logs. "bpbkar log" does not work or is it in a non-standard path ?



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