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Restore folder with data and share


I have successfully backup a Virtual Machine using a policy with type VMWARE and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES as a backup selection. Then I need to restore only 1 folder from that backup to a different Virtual Machine. (both machines have Netbackup Client).

This task works fine, except for the SHARE name of the folder. In this case, the SHARE is not recreated on the destiny. This works fine if the original policy was MS-WINDOWS, but is not our case and I find difficult to believe that this scenario can't be solved by Netbackup.

Any comments will be appreciated, many thanks.


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Re: Restore folder with data and share

Hi @JCotelo,

Can you check these TNS? Maybe one of then can help you?

Restore notes and restrictions -

Setting up NetBackup Client Service for restore to a Windows shared virtual machine drive -





Re: Restore folder with data and share

Many thanks @Thiago_Ribeiro, I will check and confirm.

Re: Restore folder with data and share

HI @JCotelo

Ok...thanks for answer.