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Restore from GRT backup (Exchange 2010 SP3)

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17:32:35 8/20/2014: Restore Started

17:33:02 (152634.001) Restoring from copy 1 of image created 8/20/2014 2:32:11 AM
17:33:46 (152634.001) TAR - \\qinvestdag\Microsoft Information Store\DB6\Database
17:33:46 (152634.001) UTF - Unable to locate for restore: Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups\qinvestdag.q-invest.pvt\Microsoft Information Store\DB6\Database\Elyas Admin [elyas admin]\Top of Information Store\Sent Items
17:33:46 (152634.001) (152634.001) INF - GRE EXITING WITH STATUS = 0
17:33:46 (152634.001) (152634.001) INF - GRE RESTORED 1 OF 2 FILES SUCCESSFULLY
17:33:46 (152634.001) (152634.001) INF - GRE KEPT 0 EXISTING FILES
17:33:46 (152634.001) (152634.001) INF - GRE PARTIALLY RESTORED 0 FILES

17:33:47 (152634.001) Status of restore from copy 1 of image created 8/20/2014 2:32:11 AM = the restore failed to recover the requested files

17:33:53 INF - Server status = 2810
17:33:53 ( INF - Status = MS-Exchange-Server policy restore error.

17:33:54 INF - Server status = 5


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What's your version of NetBackup, please?

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Does the destination mailbox exist?

Have a look at the requirements for individual item restore in NBU for Exch Admin Guide:

Review the following prerequisites before you restore individual mailboxes,
mailbox folders, public folders, or messages:
■ The destination mailbox must exist to successfully restore a mailbox.
Review the following information before you restore individual mailboxes, mailbox
folders, public folders, or messages:
■ When you restore mailbox messages or public folder documents, the option
Overwrite existing message(s) overwrites the contents and properties of the
original objects. Messages are overwritten regardless of their location. (For
example, if the messages were moved to the “Deleted Items” folder.) If the
original message no longer exists, a new message is generated with the same
contents and properties. A new message is also generated if a new destination
location is entered.
If the option Do not restore the message(s) is selected, NetBackup skips the
restore of any message that still exists, regardless of the current location.
Note that if the original message(s) no longer exists, a restore of the message(s)
generates a new copy every time it is restored. A restored copy of the message
does not count as the original message in the existence check.
■ When a mailbox is restored, all folders and messages that are contained in the
mailbox are restored. You can choose to restore specific folders or messages
or both from the mailbox backup image.
■ When a folder is restored, all subfolders and messages that are contained in
the folder are restored. You also can choose to restore specific subfolders or
specific messages or both from the folder backup image.
■ NetBackup can back up the online archive mailbox for users. However, a restore
from a backup using Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) by default restores
the items to the user’s mailbox and not the archive mailbox. Items are restored
starting at the root of the mailbox hierarchy. Alternatively, you may want to
redirect the restore to the path Top of Information Store\Inbox\Archives\.
See “About special characters in Exchange mailbox folders and message subjects”
on page 172.
See “About restoring individual Exchange mailbox and public folder items”
on page 172.
See “Restoring Exchange mailbox or public folder objects” on page 174.

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Dear Marianne:

Thanks for the reply , to be clear all of these checks is done

I am trying to resotre some folder to its original location and i want the messages to be overwritten and still facing the same issue

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Apologies for only responding now (after 2 months!)

I have only noticed your last reply when this post popped up today under 'Can you solve these?'.

Hopefully you have found a solution and can share it with us.

Something that I have noticed today when reading your post again is that this is a DAG.

What we do not see in your opening post is initial restore setup with Source and Destination client selection.
What did you select as destination client?
Virtual name for DAG?
One of the DAG members?
CAS server?

If an incorrect DAG member is selected as destination, it makes sense that the mailbox will not be found.