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Restore from Netbackup to Different Server

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We have the need to restore our entire environment in order to extract some archives to PST.

We are running our environment on Vmware and have 1 x EV 9.01 Server and 1 x SQL Server.

We backup the environment using Netbackup.

Am I correct in thinking that I can restore our Environment to two new servers and run it in Parallel to our existing with new names/ip's etc ? 

I'm slightly confused by the fact that when checking the backups for restore the

"Restore everything to a different location (maintaining existing structure) option is greyed out.

The idea would be to restore the old environment, extract the Archives and then shut it back down while maintaing the existing Environment untouched.


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I think you need to aslo first restore the backup server in environement and then restore all data on Vmware machine.


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I don’t know why "Restore everything to a different location (maintaining existing structure)” option is greyed out, but if data gets restore successfully to VM then you can follow the list of instruction given in Tech note

“How to recover an archive after it has been deleted in an Enterprise Vault site”

You can use single VM for this activity where you can install same version of SQL & EV and restore EV databases then restore partitions/Indexes & complete the steps outlined in above tech note.


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Hi Paul,

I guess this is a follow up post from your previous post. I would post this question to the NetBackup forum to see if they can help you with this option.

I hope this helps.

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I think reference to your 'previous post' is this one: right ?

Please tell us how backups were done - VMware policy type? EV policy type?

Restore options depends on the way in which backups were taken.....