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Restore from multiplexed backup

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This is an older thread but closest to my issue:

We are backing up a 70 TB DB which consists of 2800+ files.
When backed up it was directed to a STU with 2 concurrent drives and 10 streams.
The backup used a total of 6 tapes.
When attempting to restore using the BAR GUI I select all the images and restore to an alternate disk location. The restore loads tapes and restores from both drives for 12 hours after that one drive completes and the remainder of the restore is from a single drive.
Are there setting changes that can fix this behavior?
Alternately, could I determine the images on each of the 6 tapes and since I have 4 drives build a restore scripts that target images on each tape?

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10 stream at the time of backup would mean 10 different backupids (9 backupids if it was 1 parent and 9 child streams)

If you have th respective backupids you can do a bpimagelist command on them find the respective .f file and then run a cat_convert -dump on the .f file and it would the files in that backupid (i.e. the .f file).. Alternately use the bpflist command withr the backupid and it would do the same and list the files in the backupid..

Link for reference in regards to bpflist command is below

Once you get the list of files you can then trigger multiple restores which would run as separate jobs and request for separate drives/ tapes provided you do not trigger multiple restores for the same backupid

forgot to mention if you end up triggering multiple restores from the same tape then the restores would need to wait until the active restore completes..

Here once you have the file list you could give the bpclntcmd -ml command mentioned by Genericus in the below forum post to identify the tape on which it exists

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It certainly was possible to have multiple active concurrent restores, for multiple different clients, from the multi-plexed backups from the same tape... IF... you start the restores within around 180 seconds of each other (i.e. the whole set).  Well, it definitely used to work in NetBackup v6.5 and so I would still expect it to work.  And I see no reason why it shouldn't work for multi-plexed restore from multi-plexed backups from the same client.

It just takes careful planning and detailed testing.