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Restore help urgent!!

Level 4
We got a restore request, which is backedup on hcart2 tape drive of robot 0 [which is already decommissioned]. Now we have robot 1 with hcart3 tape drives including storage unit type.
In short we have two robots for a single master server.
Restore job showing as mounting... mounting .... no progress.
If i want to workout this restore, do i need to change the storage unit type to hcart2 rather than hcart3 ?
Media details::
mediaID: BS0916
media type: 1/2" cartridge tape 2 (14)
barcode: BS0916
media description: Added by Media Manager
volume pool: BHPB-IRON-ORE-WINDOW (6)
robot type: TLD - Tape Library DLT (8)
robot number: 0
robot slot: 19

robot control host: ironper-bak01
volume group: 00_000_TLD
vault name: PRIMARY_VAULT
vault sent date: Mon Aug 27 14:40:46 2007
vault return date: ---
vault slot: 1140
vault session id: 816
vault container id: -
created: Tue Oct 31 03:18:24 2006
assigned: Sun Feb 25 15:16:54 2007
last mounted: Tue Aug 28 07:36:15 2007
first mount: Tue Oct 31 18:02:57 2006
expiration date: ---
number of mounts: 11
max mounts allowed: ---
status: 0x0
Please share some tips..
Thanks in advance!!

Level 4
We have had success by changing the type 3 drive to a type 2 drive, in Devices, Drives, highlight drive, Change Tape Drive. If changing only one drive type for the restore, it may be necessary to temporarily Down the other drive in, Device Monitor, highlight drive and Down Drive.

Message Edited by keith abell on 08-28-200710:28 AM

Level 3
Partner Accredited
Hi, Not sure of your total configuration of the drives for robot 1 and 3, but it might be as simple as running the vmchange command to set the tape id BSO916 to hcart3.  If your drives are set to hcart3 and the media type for BSO916 is hcart2, then the robot/NetBackup may not know what to do with the tape.  vmchange -h [volume_database_host] -new_mt hcart3 -m BSO916.

Just a suggestion.  Hope it works.

Level 4
Thanks guys for your suggessions!!
Smiley Very Happy