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Restore is not progressing



This is my first post so I will try not to embarrass myself.

I have a database restore which was started two days ago and is currently stuck at waiting for resources stating that drives are in use. However even when the drives are free for this media server the job does not progress and other jobs are frequently jumping in and completing correctly. I have upped the priority but this has had no effect and I was wondering if anyone else has seen similar issues.

Master server 
Operating System: Unix SunOS5.9
NetBackup Version: 6.5.5
Cluster : No

Media Server 
Operating System: SunOS 5.9
NetBackup Version: 6.5.5
Cluster : No

Client Name 
Operating System: RHEL 5.1 Linux
NetBackup Version: 6.5.5

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Welcome to the forum then.

Welcome to the forum then. Try releasing the EMM drive allocation:

nbemmcmd -releaseDrive drive

How to release a media and drive from NBRB

nbrbutil documentation