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Restore jobs hangs in GUI, and never completes "vmware single files"

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Hi all.

When i do a restore of single files from a vmware backup. the gui hangs, the restore completes but the job never gets done.

from the log file:

10:35:28 (5485091.001) INF - TAR EXITING WITH STATUS = 0
10:35:28 (5485091.001) INF - TAR RESTORED 1095 OF 1095 FILES SUCCESSFULLY
10:35:28 (5485091.001) INF - TAR KEPT 0 EXISTING FILES
10:35:28 (5485091.001) INF - TAR PARTIALLY RESTORED 0 FILES

10:35:30 INF - Beginning read-blockmap


Have anybody seen this before ??






The job never finished, it could not be canceled but it was removed with a bpjobd -r jobid

I will look into the test restores.


the Job was removed with bpjobd -r jobid.....the job could not be canceled and dident complete.

I will try and make some more test restores.


You came  back with 2 different "netstat -an | grep WAIT | wc" results so I am not sure which one are latest , or one during the restore?

Anyway, a high number (usually > 50 or up to hundreds) would mean a lot of WAITing sockets pending to be closed, they stay there because of the normal TCP time wait preset in OS. Depend on the OS platform, you can reduce the TCP keepalive time to let the sockets closing sooner, please take a look at:

Note, only change the TCP keepalive time if the result gives you consistent high number (> 50), otherwise there is no need to change.